Sunlight takes on #YellowPacketChallenge

Sunlight recently donated 100 packets of Sunlight water-saving products to families in Tembisa.

Sunlight has previously contributed towards water-saving initiatives in the community through the installation of JOJO tanks as part of its #SunlightSavesWater campaign.

The donation of the 100 packets was prompted by Shoprite SA nominating Sunlight to take part in its #YellowPacketChallenge, in which individuals are encouraged to donate yellow packets to the needy.

Sunlight representatives went to Tembisa to distribute yellow packets to individuals within Tembisa who are heads of households, caretakers or based in informal settlements.

Individuals in the community were very happy to know that Sunlight as a brand is also actively involved in saving water and giving back.

Sunlight will also be nominating Coca-Cola to take part in the #YellowPacketChallenge.

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