Stop illegal dumping, says DA

DA constituency youth seen cleaning up in Tembisa.

Youth took to the streets of Tembisa to clean up illegal dumping on May 27.

DA constituency youth seen cleaning up in Tembisa.

The Democratic Alliance’s Lethabong youth chairperson Promise Mhlawuli said the initiative was aimed at cleaning areas where there are health hazards to the community.

“These illegal dumping areas pose a threat to residents’ health.”

“After realising that there is a lack of community commitment to abstain from illegal dumping, we decided to roll up our sleeves and take the responsibility upon ourselves as the youth to clean up the dirt,” said Mhlawuli.

Mhlawuli appealed to the community to assist in keeping the environment clean and she pleaded for an end to illegal dumping.

I stand amazed at how illegal dumping escalates

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