Come watch Zama flip himself into the world record books

Zama Mofokeng hopes Tembisa residents will come and support his world record attempt.

When residents marvel at Zama Mofokeng doing backflips, many don’t think it is a special skill worthy of a world record.

According to Guinness World Records, the current record-holder for the most consecutive backflips with one hand has achieved 24 in a row.

Zama will attempt to break this record on March 4 and he invites the whole of Tembisa to come and witness the event.

“That record is nothing. I am going to break it with 30 backflips and be a holder of the most consecutive backflips with one hand,” he said.

Zama has been performing the acrobatic move for 16 years and nothing can deter him from perfecting his technique.

The 26-year-old said that of all his talents he chose to take this one further because he does not know of a single other person who can do backflips with one hand.

He said he started practicing the acrobatic sport at the age of 10.

“When I saw my peers doing somersaults and other types of flips, I was interested. When I started out I was not that good but I practiced until I was perfect.”

At the age of 13 Zama fractured his left hand and could no longer do acrobatics.

He said his friends would laugh at him but that was not for long as the little daredevil was resolute to be the best at all times.

“I told myself I have my other hand, which is not injured, and that means I am still able to do the sport. I had no idea that my attempt to flip with one hand would set me apart from my peers,” said Zama.

He said his friends would tease him and warn him that he would break the other hand, yet he persisted.

As he grew up, his skill got better and better – now he wants to be a world record-holder.

“I checked the internet for anyone who could do consecutive backflips with one hand, but I found no results.

“I applied to Guinness World Records for an attempt to hold a world record and only then was I made aware that there is a record-holder already with 24 backflips – but that did not scare me off.

“I train a lot preparing for the day of my record attempt and I hope Tembisa residents will support me all the way,” said Zama.

He said when he received an approval letter from Guinness World Records he was ecstatic and it pushed him to train even harder.

The letter stipulates all protocols, guiding the presentation and authenticating the submission for the attempt to be recognised.

Zama wants to use the event to raise money for his friend, Rhulani Mabungu, to get a prosthetic leg.

The event will take place on Star Street, opposite Makhulong Stadium, on March 4.

Zama is asking for support from the Tembisa community.

For more information, contact Zama on 071 142 5037.

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