Tips for chores

When assigning chores, one needs to take into account the child’s age, maturity level and abilities.
Below is a list of age appropriate chores for children.

Children aged two to three:
* Pick up and put away toys.
* Dust with a feather duster or cloth.
* Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.
* Help move clothes from the washing machine to the tumble dryer.
* Wipe baseboards with soapy water.

Children aged four to five:
* Help load the dishwasher.
* Vacuum couch/chairs and cushions.
* Set and clear table.
* Match socks.
* Fold dish towels.
* Water indoor plants.
* Feed pets.

Children aged six to eight:
* Help with preparing meals.
* Wipe bathroom sinks, counters and toilets.
* Help hang the laundry.
* Sweep or vacuum.
* Get the post.
* Rake leaves.

Children aged nine to 11:
* All previous chores.
* Make simple meals.
* Take out rubbish.
* Mop floors.
* Bath pets.
* Wash out bath.

There’s value in doing work and being rewarded for it. Reward charts can come in handy as tools to offer encouragement to the kids who moan and groan about helping around the house.
If you remember that you are training them for self-sufficiency, instilling a work ethic and encouraging self-reliance, then you can persist with implementing new routines.
You don’t necessarily have to reward your child monetary wise. Other rewards can include staying up 30 minutes later on the weekend, choosing what the family will have for dinner one night of the week, choosing a weekend movie or even no chores for a day. The possibilities are endless.


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