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Gas cylinders must be filled or exchanged at a reputable dealer. Kevin Robertson, the chief executive officer of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa (LPGSASA), said LPGas cylinders are manufactured to extremely high standards however incorrect handling or filling could result in failure.

“Ensuring a cylinder is properly maintained is important. All commercially branded cylinders are returned to the depots of the brand owners. Here the cylinders can be carefully checked and maintained. Cylinders which are illegally filled by someone other than those authorised by the brand owner, can be potentially hazardous,” he said.

A cylinder should only be filled to 80 percent of its capacity. Anything above this means the consumer could be endangered. Anything below this means the consumer is being cheated.

When purchasing a gas cylinder make sure the logo on the valve seal matches the logo on the cylinder.

“If you purchase your own cylinder you are responsible for its maintenance and can grant permission to a filler to refill it for you. If you pay a deposit on a commercially branded cylinder, the brand owner retains ownership of the cylinder. The brand owner is responsible for the safe maintenance of it and can decide who may or may not fill it,” said Mr Robertson.

The installation of any fixed LPGas appliance must be undertaken by a properly trained and registered LPGas installer.

If the cylinders are located outdoors and are exchanged by an LPGas supplier or dealer who delivers them, the supplier should check that everything is in a sound state.

“If the cylinders are disconnected and reconnected by the consumer, they should check that the bull nose or ‘o-ring’ is in place and not cracked or brittle. Also check that the hose is not perished, cracked or brittle. Have the appliance serviced on a regular basis,” said Mr Robertson.

If you smell gas, close the cylinder valve and make sure the area is ventilated. Check all the connections and if in a sound state try again. If the smell persists, close the cylinder valve and call your LPGas dealer.

People should not modify or try to repair appliances themselves.

A list of registered installers is available on the South African Qualification and Certification Committee Gas website. Visit
For a list of reputable LPGas suppliers visit

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