Where to sell fruit and vegetables in Tembisa

Losing a job or not getting one is not the end of the world and it does not mean there are no other ways to make a living. There are opportunities around you that you can explore.

As small as it might sound, fruit and vegetable stalls put food on the table and pay tertiary tuition among other great things. Ask any seasoned fruit and vegetable stall entrepreneur; you’re bound to hear good stories. Fruit and vegetable stalls are good examples of what is known as Vuk’zenzele (wake up and do it for yourself), an initiative encouraged by government and the public in general. Initiatives such as this one will move South Africa forward.
Starting a business of this kind (fruit stalls are businesses), however, is not easy. The competition is stiff. How you position yourself in the already saturated market is critical. The trick is to study your market and competition thoroughly. What the customers wants? And What fruit and vegetables are in demand are some of the questions you will need to answer.
There will be people in the community who will make fun of you and your stall, as most fail to see this kind of a business as reputable or sustainable when compared to spaza shops and eateries. Somehow, there is a misconception regarding stalls around Tembisa that most fail before they even start. This does not mean you should not start, it simply means that you should prepare yourself. No business is easy to start; even the biggest retailers had doubts in the beginning.

Here are various spots where you can erect your stall in Tembisa:

• Swazi-Inn, they only spot in Tembisa that is more than just a section. The opportunities here are endless. It offers a lot more for fruit stalls and any business for that matter. There is massive business traffic on a daily basis.
• Oakmoor, Tembisa, Limindela and Leralla train stations, although not big as Swazi-Inn, are also good locations.
• Sangweni.
• Schools; there are more than enough schools to target.
• Churches.
• The Ivory Park Taxi Rank.
• Phumulani Mall.
• Brich Acres Mall.
• Rabasotho.
These are not the only spots available. If you look carefully, you may well find other good areas to open a stall. Good luck!

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