Establishing and running a fast food business in Tembisa

Currently, there are over 50 already operating formally and informally. But there are steps one can implement to ensure they stand out.

Step 1: The first thing to do before trading is market research. This allows you to gauge if your business model will work in Tembisa (you cannot do what others are already doing, a unique USP is necessary). Conduct market research, either telephonically, one-on-one interviews or with Q&A sessions. Remember to be tactful in your approach as this is a crucial exercise.

Step 2: The information you have gathered will help you in deciding the location for your business and how you will market the business. Often entrepreneurs battle to implement their business plans effectively, especially in markets such as Tembisa. Make sure you use the data you have gathered to your advantage, keeping in mind that it is not about you but the customers.

Your business plan will need a little bit of refreshing on a few details at this stage, so keep it simple.

Step 3: When setting up the business, avoid opening in hurried fashion. The business plan should guide you, but it will save you time if you draw-up a working document that is in sync with it. However, the working document should be practical and easy to follow. In this way, it will be much easier to minimise risks.

Let’s look at what the working document should include:

  •  Business compliance – Check with the municipality regarding laws and regulations regarding the operating of a food business. On your working document, list all the required compliance documents with time frames next to each.
  • Shop fitting – If you will be renting a property, make sure you have a lease agreement contract in place. Not only will this crucial contract protect your business, it will guide you in terms of fitting the shop. Liaise with your shop fitting contractor, ensuring they update you daily.
  •  A week or two before opening, check all the necessary items, listing them in order of priority on your working document. Have a separate page for marketing activities, running up until the second week of trading.


Step 4: Hire reliable staff, balancing experience with no experience.

While these steps are great, make sure you are practical and determined. Nothing beats a determined and practical entrepreneur.


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