The great wall of Tembisa

Ngwako Serepe


At first, the focus was more on visible billboards and mall activations, with little effort in researching the potential gold mine that can be found in locations.

Lately, more and more targeted campaigns are being conceptualised with this market as the springboard.

Even though there are so many brands that succeed greatly in locations, many have failed because of a lack of understanding of the market. Advertising campaigns should never be generalised or underestimated, but rather approached in a way that is engaging and speaks to the target market.

Tembisa is no different to Soweto or any other location in South Africa in principle; however, there are advertising opportunities that are not available in other locations.

A perfect example will be the wall that is situated on Andrew Mapheto Drive. The wall is approximately 500 metres long, stretching from opposite St Gemma School to Mpho Section (well, almost). I could be wrong, but there seems to be a community committee behind that wall, which controls the content that goes on the wall.

One should first approach the committee before drafting briefs. Even better, find creative ways to use that wall effectively.

What does the wall offer?

No official traffic study is available currently but for what it’s worth, about 2 000 cars travel past the wall daily. This number may be higher but one should consider hiring marketing firms who specialise in research to conduct a proper and insightful research on traffic and anything relevant.

What adverts are displayed on the wall?

Wall paint is used to create adverts that are of good quality and visible. However, graphics shouldn’t be too complex as the brand’s message may be lost or confusing. Your ads should be easy to read and understandable. Consult a graphitic artist who is skilled in translating drawings from paper to reality with ease. Caprivi Jazz Lounge regularly uses the wall and many other local businesses.

Is the wall the only resource for advertising in Tembisa?

No. There are many other resources, read Where to advertise in Tembisa blog post on TauYaMasepeng blog to learn more.


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